Golden Days

I love these warm and golden rays

That find me on these gorgeous days

With soft sky blue and sun shines through

It then resolves my thought to you

The shining sun becomes your smile

That warms this frozen heart

It takes me to a comfort zone

Although we’re worlds apart

The blue sky’s warmth reminds me

Of times when I’m with you

How I look into your eyes

And know that dreams come true.

I’ll find you on these perfect days

Wherever you may be

And hope to God you feel it too

And that it brings you back to me.

Happy Morning

Happy birds chirp

On a brisk early morn.

The moon fades from sight

As dawn breaks with light,

An orange globe rises in the distance

Drizzling over green horizons

Casting shadows from the trees.


And bees buzz

As those happy birds dance and sing

In a smooth wind, shades of blue

The breeze brushes by,

T drifts around me, swirling in color

Singing I hear, as I look to see

Happy birds chirp.