A Healer for America

Some background before I begin… This writing is something I chose to author in my English writing course this semester. I am a junior at Morehead State University, this is a persuasive essay for which I received an A from my professor. I wrote this because I stand behind it, I stand up for what I believe in – or in this case WHO I believe in. Everything is cited in case anybody would like to check my sources, it is MLA format per my professor’s assignment guidelines.


It seems as though modern American politics and politicians have really taken a trip downhill in quality. More so I would say the latter of the two is to blame, politicians are a byproduct of politics and they are the people who represent politics. When was the last time you found yourself headed to the voting booth absolutely ecstatic to vote for a candidate? I have only had the right to vote in one presidential election so far and I honestly was not excited about my options. I felt as if I were being forced into choosing the lesser of two evils.

As Americans we shouldn’t be faced with this problem – a problem which stems from a lack of candidates who are truly of the people. We see it EVERYWHERE, how presidents and legislators have negatively affected everyday Joe – citizens like you and me – while seeking personal and corporate interests instead of our interests. This happens time and time again by republicans, democrats, and anyone else in public office. The question is, how has this benefitted the average working class American (you and me)? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have 9 million people not working, and likely millions more underemployed. (U.S. B.L.S. “Employment Situation Summary.”) Fox News reports that we have 110 million people receiving welfare, and a fiscally irresponsible government which is $18 trillion in debt according to the U.S. Debt Clock. (Emanuel, Mike. Fox News.)

When is this going to change? When will we wake up and change these issues? Washington D.C. is composed of so many lawyers in office, lawyers are taught to win by any means necessary. To win regardless of the cost is a great strategy for a court of law, but it doesn’t seem very ideal for running a government for the people. Compromise is not a strategy for lawyers who want to win no matter what – however, I do believe compromise is absolutely essential when governing any societal body. As the wise Benjamin Carson stated at the President’s National Prayer Breakfast in 2013,

“We need doctors, we need scientists, engineers. We need all those people involved in government, not just lawyers. I don’t have anything against lawyers, but you know, here’s the thing about lawyers… I’m sorry, but I got to be truthful… got to be truthful — what do lawyers learn in law school? To win, by hook or by crook. You gotta win, so you got all these Democrat lawyers, and you got all these Republican lawyers and their sides want to win. We need to get rid of that. What we need to start thinking about is, how do we solve problems?” (Frontiers of Freedom. “Transcript of Dr. Carson’s Speech.”)


I’m not at all against lawyers – particularly considering the fact that I am looking to attend law school following my undergrad – I also don’t believe that Ben Carson is against lawyers, rather he is making a case that we should be open to other noteworthy scholars participating in government as well.

There is no need to have a president so eager to tear down the agenda of his or her opposition, the same can be said for all other leaders in government. We have a huge slew of problems that would be better solved when approached with common sense, intelligence, and an eagerness to discover solutions as a whole rather than as two halves. I think something significant to this idea is to have a leader who believes in this principle and philosophy. We need somebody who is soaking in common sense, intelligence, and wisdom (there is a difference between the three). We could also use somebody with great leadership experience and the ability to work diligently and accurately under a tremendous amount of pressure. We need somebody who is not a politician – somebody who hasn’t made a career out of working in the government. According to the Wall Street Journal, 5 people who signed the Declaration of Independence were doctors – these doctors played a major role in founding this country. (Goldstein, Jacob. “Doctors Who Signed Declaration of Independence.) Why don’t we seek a brilliant doctor to lead this country rather than another career politician or another lawyer ready to destroy the enemy for a “win?” We need Dr. Benjamin Carson.


Just who is this Dr. Benjamin Carson? I’m certain you must be wondering. In my own words, Dr. Carson is a picture perfect example of the American dream. He is an absolute success story – one built on a foundation of pure hard work and determination.

Dr. Carson was born into poverty growing up in the inner city of Detroit, where he was raised by his single mother who had only a third grade education. While Dr. Carson’s mother was very poor and lacked proper education, she certainly took care of her two sons. She worked two or three jobs to make money to provide. She also cleaned and patched clothes from Goodwill to dress her sons. His mother would also go to local farmers and work in exchange for some of the vegetables as pay. It seems very clear in Dr. Carson’s life that his mother’s work ethic and determination to provide had a lasting impact on how he would eventually live his life. (A&E Television Networks. “Ben Carson.”)

Dr. Carson performed very poorly in school as a young child. In fact, he was picked on and ridiculed by his peers. Due to the culmination of his troubles academically, the norms of poverty, and the fact that he was picked on, he developed major anger problems in which he would lash out and attack his peers. His mother saw a different future for Ben and his brother and she decided to turn them around behaviorally and academically. She limited their time spent watching television, allowed them to have outdoor social time only after completing homework, and required them to not only read two books each week, but also to write reports on them. Dr. Carson turned around and developed the understanding as a child that knowledge brings power. The power to rise out of poverty, the power to become anything he may seek to be. (A&E Television Networks. “Ben Carson.”)

Eventually Dr. Carson attended and graduated Yale and the University of Michigan with a medical degree. At 33 years old, Dr. Carson became the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. In 1987 Dr. Carson would become the first to successfully separate twins who were conjoined by the head (craniopagus twins) – this gained international attention. Due to the amount of medical breakthroughs and his unrelenting work for the benefit of children, Dr. Carson has been awarded more than fifty honorary doctorate degrees. In 2001, CNN and Time magazine named Dr. Carson as one of the nation’s 20 foremost physicians and scientists. He was also chosen as one of eighty-nine “Living Legends” by the Library of Congress the same year. In 2008, Dr. Carson received the Ford’s Theater Lincoln Medal and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (highest civilian award) from President Bush. Dr. Carson is the only person (with exception to Rev. Billy Graham) to speak twice at the National Prayer Breakfast, having been invited by President Clinton and President Obama. (A&E Television Networks. “Ben Carson.”)

I’m sure you’re wondering by now, “What is the ultimate objective of this writing? I get it, Dr. Ben Carson is obviously a well accredited scholar and man of science.” Well the thing is, we have a great need to show him that he is being supported. The truth is that Dr. Carson openly admits that being our president is not his dream job. Can you blame him? The job of the president is likely the most stressful job anybody could ever have. The President is the spearhead of one of the most powerful countries in the world. If things go bad the president is to blame, if Congress passes landmark legislation the president gets credited with it in the history books. As the saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Dr. Carson absolutely recognizes this cliché and acknowledges it, he knows that the life of a president is one of much critique, constant lack of privacy, and an abundant fear for safety. These are reasons many people with common sense would toss into the “cons” pile when even considering the possibility of running for presidency. However, Dr. Carson has made it clear many times that if citizens of this country were to clamor for him by showing support and signing a petition provided by his Super-PAC “Run Ben Run,” he would in fact run for presidency in 2016.

To me, this is incredibly important regardless of what side of the aisle you are on. While politicians and even we the people tend to divide ourselves as liberal or conservative, and democrat or republican, we should seriously put this aside and recognize that we are one people. We are the people of the United States of America.

Dr. Carson was a democrat as a young man in Detroit, once he began to realize that the policies of the democrats were really hurting him and his fellow citizens he registered as an independent. Within the past month he has made another change as he is officially registered as a republican. Again, this really should not matter. We have placed so much importance on which group people belong to and what stances they have on social issues. When did these things matter more than the content of a person’s character? When it comes to character I would gander to say that Dr. Carson is a prime example of many characteristics often attributed to great leaders. He is one of tremendous faith, he does not flip flop on issues without much research and an opinion developed on the basis of fact, he has great integrity, loyalty to his duties and to his country, he is humble, extremely intelligent, extremely wise, well composed, honest, straightforward, and very open to the positions of others on all issues plaguing our country. I can think of no better man to lead this country.

There are many others who are beginning to wake up and realize that we need a man like this, people are really beginning to realize how great Dr. Carson is. People are sharing and spreading the word – introducing others to this wonderful neurosurgeon. The website operated by “Run Ben Run – The National Committee to Draft Dr. Ben Carson for President” has accumulated over 500,000 signatures on their petition which is serving as a measure of support for Dr. Carson. In fact, “Run Ben Run” has over 20,000 volunteers already and they have raised 60% more funds than the Super-PAC for Hillary Clinton, “Ready for Hillary.” If that isn’t enough to turn heads, I’m not sure what is.

The ultimate goal here is to continue growing the support base for Dr. Carson. The petition needs as many signatures as possible. That is what I would ask of you, to be informed – don’t just take my word for it. Do research, decide if you like this man, if you do, please visit http://www.runbenrun.org and sign the petition.

The bottom line is that Dr. Benjamin Carson is a highly decorated, highly respected man of extraordinary wisdom and intelligence, and his leadership is second to none. All of these characteristics are things that this country needs now more than ever. That is why I suggest that we evaluate what we believe as individuals and as a country. We need to stand behind somebody who values us regardless of our views on social issues. We need to stand by somebody who could efficiently lead a congress the way he has lead teams of hundreds of doctors through meticulous hours of surgeries. We need someone who knows healthcare, education, and economics for the sake of reform. We need to stand behind Dr. Benjamin Carson because sometimes it does take a brain surgeon.

Dr_ Benjamin Carson


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Golden Days

I love these warm and golden rays

That find me on these gorgeous days

With soft sky blue and sun shines through

It then resolves my thought to you

The shining sun becomes your smile

That warms this frozen heart

It takes me to a comfort zone

Although we’re worlds apart

The blue sky’s warmth reminds me

Of times when I’m with you

How I look into your eyes

And know that dreams come true.

I’ll find you on these perfect days

Wherever you may be

And hope to God you feel it too

And that it brings you back to me.

Happy Morning

Happy birds chirp

On a brisk early morn.

The moon fades from sight

As dawn breaks with light,

An orange globe rises in the distance

Drizzling over green horizons

Casting shadows from the trees.


And bees buzz

As those happy birds dance and sing

In a smooth wind, shades of blue

The breeze brushes by,

T drifts around me, swirling in color

Singing I hear, as I look to see

Happy birds chirp.